In One Town, People Are Decorating Benches, Trees, and Posts With Articles Of Clothing With A Special Message

Kind strangers have taken over the streets of Bristol with clothing, and its all for an incredible cause!

When the temperatures plummeted, the homeless found themselves under prepared for the freezing weather…but the people who lived in warm homes proved that they did NOT have freezing hearts! In fact, their actions were heartwarming as they took to the streets to make a huge difference!

In an annual event lovingly nicknamed Keep Bristol Warm, folks gather as volunteers to attach scarfs, caps, and gloves to railings, posts, stairs, trees, and anywhere that someone in need might see! They attach little notes that explain the movement:

Feel free to use me if you are cold.

It began in 2015 by a man named Gavyn Emery, and it is now going three years strong.

Anyone can participate, but they are encouraged to attach the little notes and post a picture online to help spread the message. As the temperatures fell below zero, the homeless were grateful for the relief. The movement is only possible through donations, donated time, and the kindness of others, but they hope to keep it going for years to come.

Hopefully, however, there will be a solution for the homeless, but until there is…they’re going to help in any way that they can!

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