In One Shocking Facebook Post, She Reveals A Secret Confession That Has Gone VIRAL!

Death affects us all in different ways. It’s a strange and terrifying thing to realize that someone is gone forever. One minute, they are living life with you, talking, hugging, and laughing…and the next minute, they are just…gone. They are a memory that while you cherish, slowly fades with time. The loss is too real to handle sometimes, and some people take drastic measures to try and ease the pain of being left behind. This one girl posted a confession on Facebook that has been shared countless times. I doubt she thought her words would have this much of an impact, but after reading THIS, I can totally see why.


For Megan, this was just an umbrella given to two girls stuck in the rain. It didn’t cost much, and they needed it more than she did…little did she know that one brief act of kindness could have led to THIS! To this grief-stricken girl, “just an umbrella” became her lifeline and saved her from doing something that would have hurt everyone around her. These spontaneous good deeds are so easy to do, and a little kindness really does go a long way! It saved this girl’s life, and it just might save yours one day, too.

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