In 2004, This Taxi Driver Found That His Wallet Had Been Stolen. 12 Years Later? He Receives A Yellow Envelope In The Mail!

Abubakar Lorgat was just starting out as a Taxi driver when he realized that his wallet had been stolen…along with £250, his earning from the week. He was devastated, and his wife was furious (as you can imagine)! The money was meant for groceries and bills. He admits that the following weeks were hard on their family, but eventually, they overcame the obstacle and he forgot about the incident.

But 12 years later, he receives a mysterious envelope in the mail. Along with this anonymous letter.


To Abubakar Lorgat,

I indirectly stole from you approximately 10 – 15 years ago, I am really sorry about this and I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

I enclose some money to hopefully cover the money stolen from you.

Please forgive me.”

Lorgat does forgive them, and is glad that they returned the money. “I was really surprised to get the money back after all these years. It warms your heart that someone can do wrong and then years later put it right. I wish more people would do the same.”

He plans to use the money to buy treats for his children, donate to the community, and the rest to visit his parents. Assuming for inflation, however, he’s a bit short. That £250 would be closer to £330 today…but hey, it’s the thought that counts! The bills were crisp and the letter was typed – and we’re glad that this mystery thief was able to finally clear his conscious!

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