Imagine Never Being Able To See Your Loved Ones And Then This Happens!

Thanks to the wonders of science, Allen Zderad from Minneapolis-St. Paul can see his wife for the first time in 10 years. Allen lost his vision because of retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that weakens and gradually kills the cells in the retina. Amazingly, Dr. Raymond Iezzi, Jr. from the Mayo Clinic, found a solution for this seemingly inescapable condition.

After a number of examinations, Dr. Iezzi decided to conduct a bionic eye implant procedure on Allen. He aims to replace the patient’s retina photoreceptors with a small electronic chip. Surprising as it may sound, the surgery was a stunning success, and you can see in this video Allen able to recognize his wife’s hand once again.

What Allen sees are little flashes of light, not exactly images. And he’ll still undergo therapy to interpret the flashes better. This scientific advancement shows a lot of hope for people suffering from similar ocular conditions. Who knows within a few years another breakthrough can finally help them see actual images.

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