If You Haven’t Seen The COOLEST Knitted Blanket In The World, Yet…Here You Go. You’re Welcome.

Anna Marinenko had a dream. She wanted to experiment with knitting…and she wanted to use the softest wool available. She experimented with many different types before she found the winner: merino wool yarn.

Soft, plush, luxurious, and a wool with “substance,” her creations touched on people’s imaginations. We are so accustomed to wool knit sweaters, scarves, and gloves that we see the pattern and immediately think “winter.” We think of fireplaces and hot chocolate and comfort.

So what happens when we see this familiar and cozy pattern magnified hundreds of times? Basically, magic.


We feel like we’ve just sneaked into a giant’s living room and stowed away in his giant scarf. We feel like we’ve been shrunken down to the size of a small mouse and are snuggling into a discarded sweater for warmth. We feel comforted and warm and happy. Just look at this next picture. Every piece of it screams “content.”


Doesn’t this make you want to light the fireplace? It makes you want to snuggle up with a good book (or your favorite person) on a rainy day. It makes you want to take a nice, long, cozy nap on a Sunday afternoon.


This yarn is so big that you can knit it using your ARMS instead of knitting needles. Just imagine how incredible these knits must feel! With 10 pounds in one large blanket, you will definitely feel cozy and warm and comfortable!

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