If You Didn’t See This Snake In Time, You Might Already Be Dead

Jerry Davis was out for a walk when his expert eyes spotted something incredibly dangerous in his path. Most people have admitted that they would never have seen the venomous snake lurking just a few feet in front of them until it was too late. A copperhead was laying right in the middle of the path, and he decided to take a picture and share it with as many people as possible.

Can you spot the snake in the picture below? If you can’t, scroll down for the answer.He sent the picture to a friend, who shared it with Helen, a Ph.D student studying pythons, boas, and pitvipers. This snake biologists knows her snakes and was probably able to spot the winding body in no time at all!

But most people didn’t spot the creature until it would have been too late!

One wrong step and you’d have to be rushed to a hospital. Yikes!

Nature is just too scary sometimes! Always be vigilant when taking hikes – you never know what might be lurking in plain sight! The camouflage on this snake is too perfect!

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