If You Didn’t Know, There Is A Breed Of Horse Named “Curly,” And They Are AMAZING!

Yes, you read that right! Generally, we imagine all horses to have a sleek, short coat in “natural” colors…but there is a breed of horse that has super curly hair! They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they are all related by this one unique gene for hair that curls instead of laying flat!6.30a4

Another cool fact? They are hypoallergenic. The hair that they grow actually lacks the protein that causes allergic reactions in some people. 6.30a5

It grows thicker than most horses, too! That means that they are extra cozy in the winter and can thrive in colder environments.6.30a6

But one thing that no one can agree on is their origin. In 161 AD, Chinese artwork featured this rare breed of horse. In the 19th century, Charles Darwin found them in South America. In the past, they were believed to be descended from a Russian breed, but that was later disproven. The Sioux Indians had them, too, but these rare horses were reserved for their chiefs and medicine men. For now, they are called the “North American Curly” and they are pretty cute!6.30a7A lot of people hadn’t even heard of these beautiful creatures, and maybe that is why these pictures are going viral. They almost look as though they should be adorable little toys and not real, live horses.

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