If You Could Name The DARKEST Material On Earth, What Would You Call It? These Scientists Created It, And They Picked An AWESOME Name!

Surrey NanoSystems created THE darkest material. Ever. It absorbs so much light (except for a measly 0.035% of visible light) that it looks like someone cut a hole into…well, everything. It resembles that joke in a cartoon, where a character literally cuts a hole into the world, and there’s nothing left except for a black circle. That’s what this looks like!

They call it: Vantablack.

Why is it so dark? The substance is grown on aluminum foil. It is made up of microscopic carbon nanotubes that are packed together so closely that light particles can’t escape it once they hit it. It sounds like alien technology and can’t possibly exist…but here it is! Take a look!


“Take one of the hairs on your head,” the chief technical officer of Surrey NanoSystems, Ben Jensen, toldĀ The Guardian. “Split that hair 10,000 times and one of the strands that you take away is the size of the tubes that we grow.”

Yeah, okay, you’ve got my attention. That’s incredible!

While it could easily be the villain in the next superhero movie, it’s purpose is actually much less sinister. Vantablack, the coolest thing ever, is going to be used to help calibrate space cameras and telescopes. It’s probably also going to end up in the hands of the military for stealth purposes.

Can you imagine a body suit made out of this stuff? Terrifying.

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