If You Can Spot The Cats In These 5 Pictures, You Might Be A Genius

This is so much harder than man-made optical illusions. This is harder than an entire book of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ This is – okay, well, we’re exaggerating, but finding the cats in these photographs is still really hard! We aren’t sure if these cats knew that they were the exact same color as their backgrounds, but these masters of disguise are incredible!

We’ll start off with an easy one:11-29a12Couldn’t find it? Check again in the top-left corner!

What about this one:11-29a13Miss it? Search carefully in the middle of the image.

How about this one:11-29a14Check the baggage!

Look out! There’s a cat in the closet:

11-29a17Search behind the towels!

And now, the hardest of all…search for SIX cats:11-29a15 Alright, we’ll circle them for you! These cats were just too crafty!
11-29a16 Did you find all of the kitties? Some of them were hidden really, REALLY well! If you are a cat owner, you are probably used to finding your curious cat in unusual places…but for the dog owners out there, this seems nuts! Look at all those cats!

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