“If You Can Solve This, You’re Probably A Genius.” Viral Math Problem Stunning Thousands

You may have seen this puzzle floating around on Facebook and Twitter…and for good reason! People are stumped…but once they figure it out, they want to see if their friends can solve it, too! At first, it looks like a bunch of random numbers, but that is where the skill of problem solving comes in, and it turns out, people are having a really tough time with it!

8 plus 2 does not equal 16,106! What is WRONG with this chart?!” A lot of people on Facebook cry out in frustration.

Well, take a look at this chart for yourself and see if you can figure it out! (Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution for you, just in case!)
To solve this problem, you have to think outside of the box and look at the numbers objectively, searching for patterns. Most people think there is a bit of algebra involved, but really, the numbers are based on a simple process and arranged accordingly.

Try looking at the numbers in this order and see if you can figure it out!10-10a21That’s right! You multiply the two numbers, add the two numbers, and finally subtract the two numbers. It’s tricky, but with a little concentration, people are able to figure it out eventually.

Even with the explanation, people are still confused, but don’t want to give up on these crazy puzzles! Did you get it right away?


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