If You Are Giving Someone A Ride, This Girl’s Story Is Why You Should ALWAYS Make Sure They Arrive Inside Safely

When you drop someone off, it is common courtesy to watch them until they enter the building or home before driving away. While it was most important when phones weren’t as easily accessible, most people still observe the practice for safety concerns. It is especially important to remember when dropping off children, but one mother wasn’t paying attention, and the evening could have ended very badly if it weren’t for a helpful stranger.

When asked, “what is the best encounter you’ve ever had with a random stranger?” thousands of people responded, but only one answer was the most shocking:

When I was 9 years old, I asked my mom to take me to the library. She, not being the best mom, drops me off saying she’ll come back in an hour, not even waiting to watch me go inside.

I go up to the door, pull, and find that the library is locked and closed for the day. I have no idea what to do and end up just standing out in front shaking and freaking out more and more. There’s no one around, I feel very alone and abandoned.

After about 30 minutes of me just standing there, watching cars go by hoping one might be my mom, this guy walks up the side of the road. Now, my eyesight was already horrible at this point, but I didn’t have glasses yet so he’s just a blur of a man to me.

Standing about 15-20 feet away, he calls out “hey, you okay?” I just nod, too scared of him and the situation to do anything else, and he asks “is anyone coming for you?” I just nod my head again vigorously and stay quiet.

He calls out “I’ll just wait with you.” I don’t say anything back, just kind of keep shaking. So then he just stands there for the next 30 minutes, waiting with me, still standing at that distance, until my mom comes back and picks me up.

I still think about it, it meant so much to me. But at that time, when my mom drove up, I just booked it for the car and gave him a quick wave, and he deserved so much more.

Hopefully, this mom learned her lesson, and hopefully, others can learn from this story.

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