Idea: Be The Person That Makes Someone’s Bad Day Brighter

Happiness can be contagious. When you feel good, others feel good around you too. Once you focus on your own happiness, it’s time to pass on this feeling to others-even if they are complete strangers or just acquaintances. Read on to learn six fresh ways to make others happy, no matter who they are!

  1. Pay it Forward
    pay it forward concept illustrated with white chalk drawing on blackboard

When in line at the drive through, tell the cashier that you want to pay the bill of the car behind you. Who knows, maybe this simple gesture will inspire the next car, and the next! Your generous gesture is sure to make others happy.

  1. Treat Your Co-Workers to a Treat

Everyone loves starting their day with a small, sweet treat. Why not bring in doughnuts for your co-workers, “just because.” You’re sure to bring a smile to their face and will score some “brownie points” with them too!

  1. Make an Anonymous Donation

Sometimes the joy of giving isn’t always about receiving credit for your feel good act. Send your local church or philanthropy a check for an amount that you can afford. Every little bit helps and you’ll feel good knowing you are giving back to others in need.

  1. Give Out 3 Compliments Daily

Make it your goal to say something nice to three different people. It can be friends, family members, or even strangers on the street. Compliment others on their looks, their work effort, or their positive attitude.

  1. Show Others You Think About Them

Cleaning out your closet? Give a girlfriend a cardigan you aren’t planning to wear anymore. Bring your mom a freshly picked flower from your garden. You can even cook your partner their favorite meal. These simple gestures show others you are thinking about them and not just yourself!

  1. Just Laugh

Laughter is contagious. You will make others happy by smiling a lot and laughing. Things can get tough during the day and life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. When you laugh and smile often, you show others that you can make the most out of any situation and they will be more likely to do so as well.

Happiness is attainable and can be an emotion that you not only feel, but help others feel each and every day!

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