I ALWAYS Wondered About This…Now I Know!!

Have you thought about what happens to your knuckles when they get cracked? Are you sure doing it frequently is safe? This video has some answers that will help you figure these out.

To give you a quick idea, imagine the joints that connect the bones of your finger. Inside these joints is a fluid that’s similar to an egg yolk. Each time you stretch your fingers out, the gas inside the fluid pops and creates the cracking sound. The gas will reform for about 20 minutes before you can crack those knuckles again.

Now you might be asking, is this habit safe? Well, it probably is. For 60 years, a researcher had the idea of cracking the joints on his one hand, but not the other. It turns out, he didn’t have arthritis on either hand. However, it’s not same to assume that this is true for everyone. Some people have complained for hand swelling and and decreased strength.

In the end, just make sure your hands feel good after doing it, and you’re not annoying anyone with the sound.

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