Husband’s Answer To Local News Station’s Question Is Melting Hearts

Most news stations have a public Facebook account to reach out to their communities and address concerns. Alongside the evening news and morning shows, these accounts promote their stories, link to stories that did make the broadcast, or just amuse their fans with little jokes or snippets of their days.

The news station in San Antonio, Texas did just that…but couldn’t have predicted the adorable outcome? After sharing a story about a father and daughter who discovered a huge diamond in Arkansas, they added an innocent question to get their fans involved in the discussion.
They fully expected “the most valuable thing ever found” to be items like lost jewelry, cash, valuable coins or collector’s items. They had no idea that someone would waltz in and ice the cake with one simple comment.Immediately, people liked it…and it has been circulating around the internet for months! It’s just too sweet. While it may not be “news,” it is adorable, and it has given a lot of people a little more faith in humanity.

While others were posting about hundred dollars bills and ruby-studded earrings, this guy knew that “valuable” doesn’t always mean money.

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