Husband Wants To Keep Things Interesting. He Buys $5 Of Googly Eyes Off Of Amazon.

Relationships take a lot of hard work to keep going from one day to the next, and after decades of marriage, finding ways to surprise your spouse gets nearly impossible. They probably know what color your toothbrush is by this point, and good luck trying to sneak something bigger than a shoe box into the house without them noticing – so what’s a guy to do?

Well, he decided to try something quirky instead of some grand romantic gesture. He purchased a huge bag of googly eyes off of Amazon for five bucks – a steal, really – and decided to stick them to everything in the house. 

His wife began finding them slowly, and he took a picture of some of his favorites! She hasn’t found them all and he suspects it’ll take her all year – some of them are really obscure!

If this isn’t a way to put the spark back into a relationship, I don’t know what will!

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