Husband Of The Year Makes A HUGE Advent Calendar For His Wife – With GIFTS Behind Each Door!

Benjamin Hewin took a goofy picture just before starting a massive project, and by the end of it, the internet felt its collective heart melt. He had no idea that his heartfelt gesture would go viral. He just wanted to do something special as a surprise to his wife, Zyleen, and a giant advent calendar with just the way to do it!He cut out holes and attached little doors to each one. He made sure they were big enough for each gift that was going to go behind it. (Scarves, shoes…and surprises!)

I can’t reveal too much of what’s inside the calendar, as she may read this. It’s just filled with nice gifts that I’ll know she’ll appreciate.” He says.

He wanted to do it because his wife “is pretty awesome.” We think that is the perfect reason.The advent calendar stands at 2.3 meters, and he just wanted to give back in a way that would let her know that he cared for her.

“I got the idea a few years ago when my wife left me a present every morning with a heart shaped note saying “on the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me’ and the gifts were things like a new set of headphones for the gym,” he says. This was really sweet and she actually bought 25 gifts, so I thought, ‘I need to up my Christmas game here’.”

We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next year!

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