Husband Creates Secret Account To “Stalk” His Wife. He Blows It With A Single Tweet!

While most couples expect some amount of overlap when it comes to their personal lives, privacy and trust are still important in a relationship – especially between a husband and wife! But one husband had a clever idea that backfired in hilarious fashion.

He discovered that his wife had an account with the popular inspirational app, Pinterest, an app that allows users to save and share pictures that inspire them. The pictures could be anything from outfit ideas, home decor, makeup, jewelry, or even do-it-yourself craft projects. Instead of trying to secretly log in to his wife’s account, he made a fake profile and followed her – all without her knowledge!

It allowed him to see what his wife was interested in and choose gifts that he knew she would love because she’d basically told him by liking them on the app!

But then he made a fatal mistake: Someone asked if Pinterest was still around and if it was worth it, and he answered the question honestly…but his response went VIRAL. Hundreds of thousands of people liked it and shared it, essentially exposing his long-kept secret to his wife!

She was shocked to find out that her husband had been secretly following her for nearly four years, and suddenly, it all made sense. He always seemed to know exactly what sort of gifts she would love. She wasn’t mad, of course (who would be!), and he has admitted that he will continue to follow his wife even though she knows what he’s up to.

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