Husband Buys The Wrong Size For His Wife…And Accidentally Changes Their Lives

This husband wanted to do something for his wife, but when he guessed her size at the store, he had no idea that one snap decision could change their lives forever.

My wife and I have been wonderfully, happily married for almost 20 years. After 3 kids and a full time job both of us really started to let ourselves go.” He began.

Their story is the same for many families who just can’t seem to make time for their health when so much else is going on in their lives. He knew that his wife wanted to get back into shape, but instead, she fell into depression.

She would say things like “I don’t need to go to the pool with you and the kids because I don’t want the judging eyes of women wondering why you are married to me.” And that just made her depressed and eat more. I just never knew how to break this cycle.”

To cheer her up for Christmas, he wanted to buy her a new set of pyjamas. He knew that she’d been wanting some, and he knew the styles she liked…but after he got to the store, he realized that he had no idea what size she was. He panicked and held them up, finally deciding on a pair that he was sure would fit her.

When she opened the gift, he couldn’t have predicted her reaction when she realized they were 2 sizes too small.

Do you honestly think this is my size?” She’d asked.

He admitted that he had guessed and thought they would fit.

She got up, came over to me and almost had tears in her eyes. “It means a lot to me that you see me like that because I sure don’t.”

She didn’t return them. That one moment of reassurance inspired her to work towards her goals.

She even to this today says she works out hard so “I can actually be as hot as my husband thinks I am.” And she goes to the pool in a 2 piece (something she would never have done) and is so happy.” He wrote.

His mistake ended up being one of the best ones he’d ever made.

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