Husband Accidentally Texts Cleaning Company Instead Of Wife – Their Response Is So Relatable

In Melbourne, Australia, a man did something that had the potential to be extremely embarrassing…he accidentally sent a text meant for his wife to his cleaning company instead! He had just finished up a conversation to reschedule his cleaning appointment with the company’s manager when dinner arrived.

His wife was in their daughter’s room putting the child down for bed and he didn’t want to make any noise by calling out to her. Instead, he sent her a quick text, using a fun pet name. And then he realized his mistake! Instead of texting his wife, he had texted the manager of the cleaning company!

He quickly apologized, but the manager’s response made his day and he just had to share it.Her precise and professional messages instantly transformed and she replied like a normal person – people loved her honest response to the mistake. Others chimed in to wonder why more people don’t act this way all the time, regardless of the situation. Going to work would be a lot less boring if everyone was so laid back when mistakes were made, they pointed out.

Who knows, maybe in a couple of decades, making a living won’t make us all hate Mondays, one person commented. It’s a nice dream, that’s for sure.

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