Hungover Man Brings Thousands Of Customers To Struggling Restaurant With ONE Post!

John McMillan’s small fish and chips shop was dangerously close to being shut down. With no customers, McMillan wasn’t sure how much longer he could hang on…until one day, something absolutely crazy happened.

Colin Ross had been out drinking the night before and woke up hungover. He had a terrible headache, felt nauseous, and like many people in that situation, wanted something greasy to help him get over it. He walked into this small shop and started a conversation with the owner. Ross discovered that the owner couldn’t even pay himself at the end of the day, so he ordered the most expensive item on the menu – a traditional British plate of “fish and chips” with three pieces of halibut on a bed of french fries.

After he began to eat (and feel just a bit better), he was confused. Why weren’t there more people here? The food was good, the owner was friendly, and it didn’t make sense. He told McMillan that he had 2,000 friends on Facebook and he’d write a good review online. McMillan wasn’t sure what he meant because “I’m just not too good at computer stuff,” but saw the man on his way.8.29a5Within days, the news had spread far and wide. McMillan was suddenly flooded with customers, and people were waiting nearly 2 hours to have a meal at his little shop. He called in the help of his family members to serve the customers and says that business has never been better!


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