Hundreds Of Officers Attend This 95-Year-Old Veteran’s Funeral After Learning That He Had No Family.

Detective William Brown served in World War II and went on to work for the NYPD. He had a long career, but in the past few months, members of the 113th Precinct befriended him after a startling phone call.

He had retired from the NYPD in 1968 after 20 years with the department, and lived alone every since. One day, a concerned neighbor contacted the 113th Precinct because she hadn’t seen Brown leave his home for several days. The officers sent out a team to perform a wellness check, and that’s when they learned that he had no family to rely on. The officers decided to step in, and it was a department-wide effort.

In his last few months of life, he became good friends with many officers. They went to his house at least once a week and even took him to his doctor’s appointments. Detective Tanya Duhaney checked on him by calling the house¬†every Sunday, even if she wasn’t on duty.6.23a7

But one Sunday, he didn’t pick up the phone. He may have been busy, so she called again the next day, expecting to hear his voice on the phone. But when he didn’t answer a second time, she asked her partner to head to the house and visit. Detective Ferguson found him dead on his couch, using the key Brown had given them. It was a sad day for everyone.

Once you’re NYPD, we’ll never forget you.” Ferguson said.

They banded together and made arrangements for his wake and funeral after learning that Brown would be buried in the city’s potter’s field. They wouldn’t let that happen.

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