Human Ken Doll Achieves His Goal When The TSA Don’t Believe His Passport Photo Is Really Him

Rodrigo Alves, a man whose dream was to become a “Human Ken Doll,” (similar to the human Barbie) has shared a story that would make most people groan in aggravation: the TSA held him for hours because he didn’t look like his travel ID. While traveling to Dubai for an event, customs asked him to step aside. His passport showed one face, and their facial recognition equipment wasn’t able to match his current face to his ID.

But, he reveals, the TSA were very accommodating during the wait. They had him wait in a comfortable chair and served him a cup of tea while they processed his information and let him through. It proved that he had been successful in reinventing himself and creating a face that he loved. He also isn’t planning to stop. As he ages, he hopes to transition into a glamorous “old lady” in the future.

Being happy with yourself should be the number one priority in life, he tells his followers. Some people don’t understand his choices, but he won’t let it stop him from sharing his message to friends and fans:

Never judge the book by its cover, never judge anyone for their personal choices in life.. as long as one doesn’t cause warm to others it is nobody’s place to bully and attack.” He writes.

Being confident and fearless, he says, brings him happiness every day.

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