Huge Editing Mistake Has Millions LAUGHING, But The Magazine’s Defense It Still A Little Confusing

Photoshop mistakes aren’t as common as they used to be, especially when it comes to big name magazines and brands hiring the “best of the best” to bring their ideas to life. Unfortunately, this photo shoot for Vanity Fair had several mistakes went overlooked by dozens of editors and editing teams that actually made it to print! Can you spot them?Getting the perfect pose and picture is tough work, especially when you’re working with 13 people, so mishaps are bound to happen. For example, one picture from the “behind the scenes” shots showcases Oprah with a third hand. Oops! But on the cover, there seemed to be a problem with legs. Reese Witherspoon may actually have three, and Zendaya may actually only have one. The strange angles and flowing fabrics made it had to pin-point exactly why people were so confused about what they were seeing. Where did Zendaya’s other leg go? People could see the inside of the dress, but somewhere along the line, one photo had been spliced with another…and now no one is sure.

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Witherspoon’s third leg, the magazine explained, was actually just the lining of her dress…but people weren’t buying that explanation either. The picture ended up going viral thanks to the conversations people were having, and while we may never get answers, it was still fun to see that even the big brands can still make hilarious mistakes.

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