How Would You Rate As A WIFE On This “Marital Rating Scale” From 1939?

Throughout our marriages, we may wonder how well we are actually doing. Instead of asking yourself if you and your spouse are happy with your lives, if you are helping each other to work towards goals and dreams, or if your relationship is healthy…you can ask outdated, sexist questions that don’t do much except start a fight! What a great idea!

Created in 1939, Dr. George W. Crane got 1,200 married people sit down and talk to him. Speaking with 600 women and 600 men, he discovered their “merits and demerits,” or in other words, they talked smack and decided how best to rate the person keeping their lives in order.

Let’s go through our favorites, shall we?
We’re not sure if each number is meant to correspond to the ‘merit’ and ‘demerit’ in each column, but we’re pretty sure that in number seven, no woman’s hose would be straight after personally putting children down for bed. After 40 minutes of fetching water, checking for monsters, and countless other excuses to delay bedtime, we’d be surprised if anyone still looked like a person, much less had their hose tidy.If it is a crime to wear pajamas while cooking, my score is definitely in the negative.Number twenty-six¬†contradicts number forty, but who’s counting.This list was compiled by men about their wives (surprise, surprise), but don’t worry, the “Husband’s Marital Rating Chart” is just as hilarious! If this one made your blood boil, just wait until you see what constitutes a “good husband!”

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