How Would You Rate As A HUSBAND On This “Marital Rating Scale” From 1939?

With the subtlety of a charging bull, this husband-rating-chart would rate most husbands of today as “Very Poor (Failures)” due to the ridiculous standards of the time. Expecting him to be some kind of robot, the chart was made thanks to the opinions of 600 wives in 1939. The Marital Rating Scale was put together by Dr. George W. Crane after speaking candidly with 1,200 married men and women. By comparing the husband’s chart to the wife’s, you can almost taste the bitterness seeping out of these questions! Let’s have a look, shall we?Snoring? The world would be a magical place if snoring were a voluntary action.
What does being interested in athletics have to do with being a good husband? I’ll wait.Number fourty-five is hilarious. “The kids don’t like it when he comes home. That is definitely his fault, and not the result of having teenagers!”There are just too many contradictions in this chart! He must “give wife real movie kisses not dutiful ‘peck’ on the cheek,” but also can’t kiss her after she’s put on makeup…

But, she can’t ever appear untidy, according to the wife’s┬áchart…so, when exactly?

It’s fun to see how much we would all fail miserably on these old charts. How much more outdated do you think these things will be in another 20 years? These are too funny! Be sure to check out the Wife’s┬áMarital Rating Scale!

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