How Was Your 4th Of July? THIS Mom Gave Birth On The HIGHWAY!

In Glen Rose, Texas, one mom was on the way to the hospital when her labor progressed rapidly. Lacey Smith was in the passenger seat when she just knew that the baby was coming. It wasn’t her first child, and she shocked – but not entirely surprised – that the labor was a lot quicker than the first!7.7a10

When it was clear that they weren’t going to make it to the hospital, they pulled the car over and prepared. She gave birth on the side of the road! They called for emergency services, and Lacey’s midwife arrived to help make sure that the baby was healthy.

Mom named her new little daughter Phoebe, and she was born on July 4th! Many people in the comment section thought she should have been given a more patriotic name such as Liberty or Firecracker (…what?) and should definitely have a middle name that represents her unusual beginning.7.7a11

The family is happy to welcome a perfect little baby girl into their family, and her big brother is excited to have a new baby sister! Plus, when he goes back to school in the fall, he will have the BEST story from summer vacation! Really, who could beat this one? It could have been made into a movie.

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