How To Wrap A Gift In Less Than 30 Seconds! This Is Life Changing!

This is a store clerk in Japan in charge of gift wrapping the items that customers purchase. As this is a job, obviously they have gotten really, really good with 8 hours of practice per day, 5 days a week. I may not hope to be this good, but at least I can learn this technique and speed up my own gift wrapping skills!

12.2iThis .gif has been floating around the internet for a while now. The clerk in this store can wrap these present in about 15 seconds, sometimes 10 seconds if the package is smaller…but for the rest of us, I will just give us a nice and safe 30 second head start! One of my least favorite things about the holidays is wrapping presents. Sure, it isn’t that hard to do, but it just takes so long! I don’t want to sit on the living room floor and wrap boxes for an hour – even if Netflix is playing something in the background. With this technique, I’ll be able to save SO much time!

So, first things first, get a box! If you have a present that is oddly shaped, get a box! Any box will do! If your present doesn’t fit in a box, this might not be a big help…but you can still learn it anyway!

Step 1: Place your gift on wrapping paper big enough to cover it. Duh.

Make sure the paper can wrap all the way around the gift, and is long enough to cover the short sides as well. Angle it towards one corner, leaving room on all sides. Don’t worry, it’ll get clearer in a second.


Step 2: Flip the present on it’s side and pull the corner up and around the present.

This will create a crease on both corners. Look at you! You’re almost done and it hasn’t even been 5 seconds yet. Probably.


Step 3: Pull that new side up while pushing in that leftover paper IN towards the present. You can use your index finger to help this along, or tape down the first fold and use two hands. It’s up to you.


Step 4: Once you’ve pulled this side tight, fold it up and tape it down. Ta-daa! You’re almost done!


Step 5: Now pull up the largest edge, folding the excess paper in towards the present!




It’s so neat and tidy! Be sure to pull everything very tightly to keep it all straight and snug!

Step 6: Lay your present flat and pull up the last edge, folding it around and taping it in place!12.2p

Pulling it up and over…


Step 7: Pull the last flap over the present, making sure to fold in the sides.

Tape this last flap down, and you’re done! Easy as pie!


While this method may be easier if you’re going to wrap, I don’t know, 300 presents at a time, I might just stick with the old method if I’m only wrapping 2 or 3. It’s nice to see the method behind that incredible .gif broken down into simple step-by-steps! I might not use this method forever, but I will try it out next time and see if it really does save time!

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