How To WIN Your Office’s “Ugly Sweater Competition” Every Time

Working during the holidays? Some workplaces allow for a little extra “fun” during the most festive time of the year, introducing silly ways to celebrate like wearing Santa hats, jingle bells, and colorful sweaters. Many employers host Christmas parties or potluck lunches, and some even hold competitions!

This employer decided to have an “ugly sweater competition” with his employees…and lost! What do you think of this guy’s hilarious response to the challenge?Yes, that is a mirror taped down to a plain black sweater. The “ugly” is provided by whomever happens to look into it! The assistant manager took one look at this ugly sweater and knew that he had been beaten. His grungy black sweater depicting poinsettia, bowed candy canes, and stockings didn’t come anywhere close to the kid’s clever spin on this holiday tradition…and the manager’s face says it all!

Some comments warn that this is a great way to get fired if your manager doesn’t have a sense of humor…but if your manager is hosting an ugly sweater competition, we’re guessing that they’re already pretty cool! Would you use this tactic to score the winning prize?

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