How To “Mattify” Your Nails In Minutes!

This trend is growing quickly and giving nail polish enthusiasts an exciting way to create new designs. A matte nail polish can cost a good deal more than a regular polish, so if you don’t have the extra cash, try this method instead! The best part of this method is that you don’t need to purchase any additional tools! If you can boil water and have nail polish, you can easily do this look in no time at all!

Start off with your regular nail polish. You can use a clear top coat if you prefer, but it isn’t necessary. This method will still work even without a top coat! Neat, right?! I’m excited.

You’ll need steam! The easiest way to do this to just boil it over a stove. Using a microwave won’t give enough of a constant stream of steam and won’t work as well.


First things first! Paint your first coat of nail polish! Make sure that you don’t miss any spots! While this first coat is drying, put your pot of water to boil in preparation for the next simple step.


Once the first coast is completely dry, apply your second coat and make sure your boiling water is giving off a good amount of steam. This coat can be followed by a clean top coat instead if you want more protection for your manicure. Instead of holding the steam over your second coat, wait for that to dry and then use the 3rd coat for your matte effect.


Now the fun part comes into play! Hover your nails over the steam at a safe distance (you don’t want to burn yourself!) for about 1 minute. Your nail polish needs to be wet for this to work! Check the results every few seconds to see the magic happening right before your eyes! If your nail polish has dried before you attempt this step, this trick will not work.


Admire your new and trendy manicure! If you’ve held your hand over the steam for more than 2 minutes and the polish is still shiny, it means your polish dried and you’ll have to try again! In this case, you can add another coat and attempt it again, or start from scratch.


This cute look does take some practice to get right! The first time I tried this, I put too much nail polish and it began “dripping” of of my nail! Don’t over-polish, so practice and try to get this as perfect as possible! My favorite thing to do with matte polish is this trendy look:


It’s easy! Once you mattify your nails, simply swipe over the areas you want to be glossy with more of that same polish. If you have tape, you can also put this over your glossy top coat BEFORE you hold your hands over the steam, but that can be tricky. I prefer the easy method of applying the glossy polish afterwards! Good luck!

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