How Sending A Text Might Save Your Life. You NEED To Know This!

Since a young age, we have all been taught to memorize the series of numbers, “9 – 1 – 1” in case we got into trouble. Parents and guardians tell their children to use the telephone and dial these numbers if they get lost, if they get a serious injury and no adult is around, if their parents are in trouble, and many other scenarios. But what about people who can’t speak, or people who can’t safely make a phone call?

A little-known fact is that you can simply text 911 in an emergency in most states. For people with hearing problems, this is a life-saving technology that they rely on in emergencies. For others, it can save lives for serious reasons.

Calling 911 at a loud party, a dangerous or hostile domestic situation, or a traffic incident can benefit from texting 911 instead of making the phone call. The service has helped people who had to hide in their own homes during home invasions, making it a safer alternative than whispering and chancing that the intruder could hear them.7.22a13

While not every area has this technology yet, the deaf communities around the country are pushing for the change as it is an essential tool in our societies to be able to call for help when we need it.

Find out if the emergency line in your area has texting capabilities. Hopefully, you will never have to use it, but it just might save your life one day.

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