How Much Weight Would You Gain If You Ate A Pizza EVERY Day? This Guy Did It. The Results Are Shocking!

He nicknamed the journey “Pizzapocalypse,” and from the sounds of it, that was probably the most accurate way he could have described it. Pizza is delicious, but every day? Most people would get sick of it after a few days. Everyone would probably be sick of it after a week. How long do you think you could stomach pizza everyday for an entire year?

Brian Northrup had a dream: eat a pizza everyday. He estimated that he would be eating 2,000 calories every day by eating one medium pizza from Domino’s. While it may meet the recommended daily caloric intake for an adult of his height and weight, people weren’t sure that it met any of the nutritional requirements. Nevertheless, he went for it.

He still maintained his exercise regimen and strength exercises. At the beginning of the year, he weighed 167.1 pounds. At the end of the Pizzapocalypse, he weighed 161.2 pounds…that’s right, Northrup actually lost weight.

He claims to feel perfectly healthy and enjoyed doing this challenge, but he wanted everyone watching to know one important thing:

I believe all of those people vastly underestimate what is possible through hard work.”

And in his case, actions speak louder than words.

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