How Many Sit-Ups Can You Do? This 10-Year-Old Just Did 2,110.

Kyleigh Bass is in the fifth grade and she loves fitness. She goes to gymnastics, plays softball, and one day, she would love to go to the Olympics. Once you find out a little bit more about her, this incredible record makes a lot more sense!

Fox Hill, the elementary school that she currently attends, held a “Record Day,” and Kyleigh knew that she wanted to try out something that sounded crazy to a lot of people.

Kyleigh trained for over 3 months in order to try and beat the record for the most sit-ups done in one workout. The old Project Fit Ameica record was just over 2,000, sitting at an impressive 2,001 sit-ups. She wanted to beat it with flying colors. She trained long and hard to be able to pull off this incredible stunt, and in the end, her hard work paid off!5.16a14

It took over 90 minutes to complete the staggering amount of sit-ups, but she beat the record by over 100. At around the 700-mark, she was hit with a wave of nausea that just wouldn’t quit…but neither did Kyleigh. She pressed on, determined not to back down from the challenge. She did another sit-up, then another, and on, and on, and on!

Most people can’t do 10 sit-ups, much less thousands of them. Some parents are concerned that Kyleigh will develop back problems later in life if she keeps up her rigorous training, but she is confident in her technique and doesn’t see any problems continuing her active lifestyle!

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