How Many Horses Can You Spot In This Mesmerizing Painting? The Answer Is Hard!

Painted in 1975 by artist Bev Doolittle, this scene was inspired by a wild herd of Chestnut horses that she saw in the American Southwest. At first glance, it looks like the painting of a cluster of rocks and boulders covered in fresh, white snow, but the longer you look, the more you will see! This painting is incredible. Doolittle’s command of color using such a limited palette is impressive, and to add in the different horses that blend seamlessly into their surroundings required real talent.

Take a look at this picture of the painting see if you can spot them all! (Some people just can’t do it!) 5.17a50

While the answers are below, take a longer look at the rocks, too! People say that Doolittle was so thorough in her quest to incorporate horses into the painting, that the rocky outcropping has horses hidden in the scenery, too!
5.17a51If you use your imagination, the horses easily appear amidst the snow and rocky terrain. This is the sort of painting that goes well in a sitting room or a guest room. It sparks conversation, gives people something to look and think about, and would match a lot of decor. Fascinating and clever, her painting is going viral once again, and everyone is sharing it with their friends hoping to trick them!

Were you able to find all 5 horses? I think I see one at the very top! But I’ll leave that up to your own interpretation!

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