How Domino’s Pizza Saved A Man’s Life. They Deserve A Raise!

In Salem, Oregon, the employees at a Domino’s Pizza were used to seeing orders pop up on their screens. They utilize a program that allows customers to go online and place their orders without having to call in to the shop or drive to the location for their pizza. They had regulars, of course, but there was one man with whom they were incredibly familiar.

Every day, and sometimes every other day for the past 10 years, a man named Kirk would place an order. It would always be the same, unless they had a special, and as soon as it popped up on the screen, they would call out to each other that “Kirk’s order came in.” He never called in, but he always placed his order online.

One day, the employees realized that it had been nearly two weeks since Kirk had placed an order. They could have ignored it. They could have just assumed that Kirk had lost his seemingly insatiable love for their pizzas. Instead, they sent out a driver to check on their most frequent customer.5.10a18

When the driver got to Kirk’s house, he noticed that the lights and television were on, but no one was answering the door. He called 911.

That decision saved Kirk’s life. He had been lying on the ground in need of medical attention, and if it hadn’t been for the compassionate folks at the local Domino’s, Kirk might not have made it.

He is reported to be in stable condition now that he has received help, and the Sheriff’s Office has publicly thanked the kind and concerned employees for going above and beyond for the members of their community.

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