Hotels Get Some Crazy Requests From Guests, But One Hotel Doesn’t Mind Fulfilling This One!

The Meg visited this hotel, she found that the hotel’s website had a box for “special requests.” Normally, people exclude this section because they don’t really care if their room faces the street or another building. But Meg was feeling inspired and decided to see if the hotel would pay attention to the silly, spontaneous request.10-13a13A box of chocolates…and a cat. Because who doesn’t love to cuddle with an adorable animal on vacation, right? Unfortunately, the Hilton was not able to completely fulfill her request. That didn’t stop them from trying their best, though!

When Meg arrived in her room, a nice bag full of chocolate candy sat on the nightstand, and while there was no actual live cat in the room…10-13a14They delivered the next best thing: a picture of a silly cat!10-13a15The note reads:

Thank you for choosing the Hilton Garden Inn Louisville East! We hope you have everything you need. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. Your HGI Team!”

Meg was delighted. She had no idea that the staff would go so far to fulfill her request and wasn’t disappointed that they hadn’t been able to procure an actual cat. The chocolates and the picture would do just fine!

Have you ever requested something crazy from a hotel? Did they deliver?


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