Hotel Clerk Silences Unruly Child In The Lobby With One Incredible Comeback!

For the most part, when a child has a tantrum in a public place, it affects everybody – not just the parents. I realize that no one wants to hear my wailing child and always try to end these tirades as swiftly as possible, but sometimes it seems like there is no end to the attitude! All of the parenting books in the world don’t hold just one perfect answer, and since each child has their own personality it feels like a never-ending battle to get them to be “good.” In the case of this family, they were fed up with their child’s behavior, and were incredibly grateful for the quick thinking of this hotel employee.


From the perspective of a young adult with no kids, this is hilarious. Before I had kids I used to hate when someone’s child was screaming their head off in the grocery store. I would think, “just tell them to stop!” Well, that turned out to be a lot harder said than done, but I would appreciate this if I ever found myself in a similar situation. Getting a wake up call from a complete stranger can help children to realize that they aren’t the center of the world. That, “hey, mom really is on my side even though she won’t buy me 3 boxes of sugary cereal.” If you have perfect kids, please, tell me your secret!

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