#HotDogPrincess Is Exactly As Adorable As It Sounds! “Princess Day” Will Never Be The Same!

Ainsley is 5, but she knows what she’s about, and her bold choices are going viral! You may not have attended dance lessons as a kid, but they usually hold classes in a uniform or in similar outfits. This helps the instructors to clearly check the students’ forms and positions easily, and it also helps the students to concentrate. But every now and then, schools may hold a class in some sort of costume or theme!

These girls were invited to class dressed in their favorite “princess” outfit. Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and some simply in a sparkling tutu, the girls were excited to dance around as a princess…

But Ainsley wanted to do something different, so she grabbed her hotdog costume because it was her favorite. It didn’t matter that a hot dog wasn’t a princess. She loves princesses and wore a princess dress underneath the hotdog shell.

I’m a princess on the inside.”

The girls were getting ready for a recital later that weekend, but Ainsley’s instructor was so impressed, she allowed the excited child to wear her costume on stage with the other princesses. 

Her story reminds us to never forget the things that make us unique. Sure, she could have shown up as another Cinderella, but she wouldn’t have been true to herself if she had. Her story also reminds us not to judge others too seriously, either. Life is short, and if someone wants to show up to Princess Day as a hotdog, let them. Plus, it’s adorable.

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