Hospitals Around The Country Dressed Newborn Babies As Frogs For LEAP DAY! And It’s Precious.

Growing up, there was only one kid in school who was born on a leap year – his birthday was February 29, and no one ever forgot about his birthday. Not once. Mostly because to a group of school kids, his birthday didn’t exist! That was the coolest thing about Carl – his birthday.

Several hospitals decided that these leap year babies needed a bit more excitement – what with being born on a day that came around only once every 4 years! They did something adorable…

They dressed all of their newborns as FROGS! Get it? “LEAP” year? I know, it’s precious, just look at these adorable pictures!


Some hospitals put the babies in hand-made frog hats and bibs! Mixed up in teal and green onesies, these babies were a sea of adorable little frogs. Can you tell the girls from the boys? (Check the socks!)3.3a6

Look at the adorable frog bib! He looks confused, but at only hours old, it makes sense. His eyes match his hat!


This little frog doesn’t appreciate the brand new world around him…but I still want to pinch those adorable little froggy cheeks! Cute!


Someone is having a comfortable nap in her frog towel! I hope that bath was satisfying!


And this little guy does NOT know what is going on, but he would like it to STOP!

These precious kiddos are in for an exciting adventure…and I’m sure those parents were excited to see a sea of green when they went down to the nursery! Too precious!

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