Hospital Grants Man’s Dying Wish: A Cigarette And Glass Of Wine While Watching The Sunset

Hospital protocol comes with a lot of rules, and two of the biggest ones are no smoking and no alcohol. When doctors confirmed that Carsten Hansen was too ill to survive surgery at the age of 75, the nurses broke protocol to grant his last request.

Admitted to hospital with an aortic aneurysm and internal bleeding, doctors declared him terminally ill – there was nothing that they could do. It was only a matter of hours, with a low possibility of days, left before he would pass away, and the hospital decided to grant him a dignified death.

Nurses discovered that his last wish in life was to watch the sunset, smoke his favorite brand of cigarette, and relax with a nice cold glass of white wine in the end. They wheeled his bed out onto the balcony with his family and enjoyed the little time that he had left. The hospital stands by the nurses’ decision to defy regulations, stating that in this case, his last wishes were more important than treatment, prevention, and smoking rules.

It was a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Of course there were relatives also affected by the fact he was going to die, and they were sad,” one nurse said.

In the end, who could ask for more?

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