Horrifying Night Light Has Kids Saying “Please Don’t Find Dory!!” Who Designed This Monstrosity?!

Benjamin was on the hunt for a gift. His friend’s daughter was having a birthday soon, and he wanted to find something fun to give to her. After going shopping, he found a cute “Dory” night light8.2a12You may have seen the advertisements for themed night lights before. Supposedly, the calming presence of your child’s favorite cartoon characters will lull them into a peaceful sleep. Bedtime will be easier, and there might even be less “I need water/the bathroom/a snack/it’s too dark” complaints to keep them from falling asleep. 8.2a14

Win/win, right?


This disaster, once plugged in, stares into your child’s bedroom with empty, soulless eyes, just waiting for them to wake up and scream at the top of their lungs. Clearly, this night light is either a knock-off, or was designed by someone looking to cut corners. The eyes aren’t made from the same material as the rest of the cartoon fish, so they don’t light up at all. We wouldn’t expect it to be perfect, but at the very least it shouldn’t cause more nightmares than it chases away, right?

Thankfully, Ben decided to test it out before presenting it to a young, impressionable girl on her birthday (that would have been a disaster). Instead, it was posted on Imgur to warn the rest of us before purchasing this terrible fish.

It’s still giving me the heebie jeebies. Yikes.

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