Horrified Mom Posts THIS On Her Daughter’s Facebook From The HOSPITAL. Mom Was Only Gone For 2 Hours…You Need To Read This NOW!

How did your parents teach you about alcohol? My mom let me take a sip of her wine when I was about 9 years old, and I still remember how disgusting it tasted! It may have smelled nice, but it burned my tongue and that was enough to keep me away from it for many, many years.

In school, we had assemblies that taught us to “just say no” to drugs and alcohol. The guest speakers would walk around with human organs that had been affected by drugs and cigarettes and alcohol, but that didn’t stop a lot of my friends from trying anything they could get their hands onto anyway.

For this teen, none of these lessons seem to have worked, and that led to THIS heart breaking post on her Facebook page by her own mother…from the hospital!


As a parent, this is terrifying! I hope that my kids are listening when I teach them about how dangerous drugs and alcohol can be. This mom was only gone for 2 hours…2 HOURS! That’s just a trip to the grocery store or a few errands around town! That is nothing! Please talk to your kids about alcohol! Lock up your liquor when you aren’t using it! This story really scared me!

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