Honors Student With 4.4 GPA Barred From Graduation, Set To Lose Scholarships…All Over This Shirt.

The principal from Hickory Ridge High School in North Carolina has taken things too far according to thousands of parents who caught wind of this outrageous story. The principal has not only banned the student, Summer, from graduating, the principal is considering expelling the student which would cause her to lose her full-ride to college on a pre-med track…all because of a shirt.

Summer wore a green shirt that bared “too much shoulder” one day, and the school’s principal specifically came to tell her that it was “inappropriate.” The principal asked Summer if she had a jacket, implying that it would be fine to simply cover up. Summer didn’t have one, but her friend did and immediately let the girl borrow it.

Summer put the jacket on and even zipped it up…but the principal changed her mind, saying instead that Summer would need to come to the office to change. Due to previous issues with the principal, Summer refused to go anywhere until her mother was on the phone. She wore the jacket that the principal asked her to put on and didn’t understand why she still needed to change her shirt.

But what pushed her over the edge? The principal had come with the school’s police officer, who had his hand on his gun the entire time.

‘I’m going give you an ultimatum. We have tried to call your mother. You either come with me to the control room to change your shirt or we will arrest you.” The principal said in front of other students.

And that was the last straw. Summer went, but by then, the principal had decided to escalate things even further by not only suspending Summer, but threatening to expel her and cause her to lose her scholarships and full-ride to college.

While her mother plans to appeal, other parents are wondering why the principal decided to insist that Summer change her shirt after putting on a jacket as she was asked- completely following the dress code.

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