Homeowners Post Large Sign About Dog So That People Will Stop Ringing Their Doorbell

Meet Huckleberry to golden retriever. He really, really likes to sit on the roof.

He learned how to jump to the room from the backyard, and at first, it really perplexed his owners. They weren’t sure why he loved to be up there, but they assumed that it was probably for the fantastic view of the street. Once they realized that he was safe, they decided to let him sit up there to his heart’s content…but other people driving by didn’t have the same reaction.Very often, concerned passersby would stop and knock on their door to tell them that their dog was on the roof. After a while, it got very old having to explain the situation to complete strangers. They came up with a plan and posted this plaque so that everyone who wanted to help knew that Huck The Roof Dog was perfectly safe!Huckleberry spends a lot of time on his family’s roof, enjoying the view and saying hello to passing neighbors. People love to take pictures of him, and while he can’t understand why so many people stop and say hello, he does get meet a lot of new people!

This picture was posted by someone who had been passing by and was about to ring the family’s doorbell…until they spotted the sign! They shared it online, and thousands of people have since learned about Huck!

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