Homeless Veteran’s Life Changed In HOURS After Being Spotted Sleeping In The Freezing Cold

As she was driving with her family, Michelle Noyes saw a large trash bag on the sidewalk. At first glance, she thought it had just been garbage…but something made her look again. She asked her husband to stop the car, and once they got a closer look at the bag, she realized that there was a man inside of it.

The freezing temperatures were beyond brutal, and Noyes quickly realized that the man had slept all night in the harsh temperatures. The man, she learned, was a Marine veteran by the name of William Bozman who just needed a little help.

She couldn’t help on her own, so she reached out to her community’s Facebook page to see if they might want to lend a hand.They began to donate and bring him items. Food, water, blankets, clothing, and even a new pair of boots were given to the veteran. Soon after, they learned that he had a friend in New York that would give him a place to stay, but he would need money for the journey. The bus ticket would be pricey, but they were determined to help.

They purchased his $225 ticket and rounded up $320 for the man to buy food and necessities on the journey.

No one stopped to judge how he had ended up in this position. They only wanted to help.

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