Homeless Veterans Given New Way To Live In Tiny Home Village Made Just For Them!

While these men haven’t served in the military, they are serving military veterans in a really big way! These citizens in Kansas City were fed up with the lack of resources available to veterans, whom often ended up homeless and without basic necessities, and decided to do something about it.

They’ve called it the Veterans Community Project and they are building a veteran community just blocks away from the Veterans Outreach Center.Each home is the size of a tiny apartment and boasts a kitchen, bathroom, living area and sleeping area complete with utilities and appliances! Each home costs about $10,000, and the Veteran’s Village contains 50 houses. The close proximity to one another means that these homeless veterans will not only have company, but for the first time in decades, they will have neighbors as well.The comfort of a home allows them to focus on their own goals in life beyond finding a place to sleep at night. They can learn new skills, practice their hobbies, get jobs, and spend more time on their health than ever before.The low cost of the communities means that any city can start one…all it takes is the initiative to get going! Other similar communities have been built across the country, but many are wondering why more cities don’t put in the effort.

What do you think about these villages?

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