Homeless Veterans Are Receiving Support From Generous Bikers

Homeless veterans in El Paso County have started receiving help from a curious source: other military veterans.

Multiple veteran motorcycle groups have started fundraising campaigns to help get the homeless veterans in El Paso Country, Colorado, back on their own two feet with the help that they need and deserve.

The El Paso County Homeless Veterans Coalition has already received large checks from bikers who are associated with Veterans for Veterans, VFW, and the American Legion. The money is being used to get homeless vets first off of the streets and into traditional housing, and secondly to pay for bus passes that will allow them to attend their own medical appointments.

A lack of transportation can sometimes be a bigger issue to veterans with ongoing medical conditions when they aren’t able to visit their doctors regularly.

The support goes directly to the veterans, unlike other organizations that eat up a lot of the donated funds with miscellaneous expenses instead of helping. The checks are being used to immediately put veterans into suitable living spaces and helps them get ready to live normally again.10-19a7

The news has led to a bigger conversation among the public who want more help for veterans after they have finished serving. Homeless veterans shouldn’t exist, many say, and the news has inspired more people to actively search for ways to help veterans in their own communities. Hopefully very soon, there won’t be such a thing as a “homeless veteran” at all.


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