Homeless Man’s Stunning Makeover Proves That Determination Is A Powerful Thing

Jose Antonio battled depression, but as a result, it led to him being on the streets for twenty five years. To the locals in Palma, he was affectionately known as “Josete,” and when he was finally able to find work…he realized that his appearance was the only thing holding him back.

Being able to eat and survive meant giving up certain luxuries like personal hygiene products and clothing, and over the years, the daily neglect had taken its toll. He was working randomly as an unlicensed parking attendant but hoped to secure a full-time position very soon. His dream was to be able to rent a room.

The owner of a local hair salon, Salva Garcia, heard that Josete was looking to land a full-time job and invited him for a complete transformation. The two knew each other from when Garcia would park his car in Josete’s lot, and being able to help out was an honor. Josete was skeptical at first…He was nervous to lose so much hair, and much of it was matted and tangled. He endured without wanting to watch the process, preferring to wait until it was over…and in the end, he couldn’t believe what he saw in the mirror.

My God…is this me?!”

The entire community got involved and donated a new outfit, and an anonymous donor helped him secure a room in a shared apartment until he could land a full-time job. 

He wasn’t an alcoholic or drug addict, only a person with bad luck.” They said.


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