Homeless Man Turned Hero To Be Given A Home By Benevolent Strangers

Stephen Jones was sleeping on the street nearby when he heard a loud bang coming from the Manchester Arena. At first, he thought it was some sort of firework, but he jumped into action when he realized that children had been hurt by a bomb. He was with his fellow homeless friend, Chris, and together they began to do whatever they could to help.

He describes the aftermath of the attack and what it was like to help children who had been severely injured.

At one point, they kept a woman from bleeding out while they waited for paramedics to arrive on the scene. Stephen sat down for an interview, but no one knew who he was or where he could be found. That’s when Dave S. got involved on Twitter.He used the power of the internet to track Stephen and his friend, Chris, down and wanted to get them back on their feet. They reached out to local charities and started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the two men to live in an apartment for 6 months and get the help that they needed.

With a home to live in, Stephen and his brave friend will be able to find employment and get back on their feet.

This time, being heroes paid off.

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