Homeless Man Surprises Everyone At The Job Site After They Offered Him Work For A Day

While homelessness might still have a horrible stigma attached to it, the truth is that many people are homeless simply due to circumstances beyond their control. One such story went viral when a homeless man showed his true colors after being offered work for a day.

The man, known only as “John,” had been sleeping on a park bench near the work site of a team of roofing specialists from Empire UPVC in London. They noticed him and brought him a cup of tea one morning, offering to give him work the next day at one of their job sites. He was excited and promised to be there.

The next morning, John had beaten them to the address and worked “non-stop” to help in any way that he could. The team gave him a company sweatshirt and bought him a meal for lunch. At the end of the long, tiring day, he admitted that $20 would get him through the rest of the week. He also asked if they could use him another day, hoping for more work.
The team banded together and came up with $90 to give him and invited to work on another job site. They shared his story, and people from around the world wanted to help, even offering to help him find housing. Hopefully, he will be able to get back on his feet soon!

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