Homeless Man Spends His Last Bit Of Cash To Save An Injured Stray Cat…What Happens Next Is INCREDIBLE!!

James Bowen was a musician who played on street corners to make ends meet while he lived in a sheltered accommodation – basically homeless. One day on his way home, Bowen found a wounded stray cat near his apartments, sitting in the corridor and watching as people passed him by. Bowen asked his neighbors, but no one seemed to know where the cat had come from.


He thought the cat belonged to another resident, so for two days, he did nothing. On the third day, he realized that the cat was in bad shape. He had a leg wound from a fight with another cat and it was obvious that he would need help in order to survive. Bowen took the last of his cash and brought this injured cat to the vet and bought medicine to help him heal. He named him Bob.


Everything changed when Bob followed Bowen to work on the street corners one day. People began to give much more generously and would alter their routes in order to say hello to Bob and give him treats. Bowen and Bob became popular in their little town, and Bob was a regular attraction to the locals.


Bowen eventually wrote a book about how Bob changed his life for the better, and the two are inseparable! Who would have thought that one lone, injured cat could have such an impact on a struggling musician’s life?

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